What is Registro Sanitario or food supplier registration?

Food regulations establish that certain activities require registration in the Registro Sanitario de Empresas Alimentarias y Alimentos (RGSEAA), before known as RGSA. Activities that require registration in order to obtain the RGSEAA include, for example, processing and transformation industries, transporters, manufacturers, importers (food, beverages or material in contact with food), warehouses with or without regulated temperature, central kitchens or internet sales, among others.

The number obtained is entered into a database of an informative nature and available to all the autonomous communities, the purpose of which is to protect public health and the interests of consumers. 

The RGSEAA is national, although it must be processed in the Autonomous Community where the owner of the activity is located.

Also, RGSEAA serves to verify that suppliers are authorised by the fooda safety authorities. This number should not be indicated on the label of the products, except for the exception of some animal products. 

You can check whether a supplier is authorised by searching in this AESAN page.


What are the steps to be followed to obtain it?

  • The first thing we do at APTHISA is to collect the relevant information we need. Also we ask the holder a few questions about the activity that is been carried out.
  • Payment of fees: the corresponding fees are paid on behalf of the person applying for registration. Depending on the activity to be registered and the type of products to be traded, distinguishing between products of animal origin (POAS) or non-animal origin (non-POAs). 
  • Application form: the application must be completed with the necessary data. This application includes a descriptive report which must be sufficiently detailed to transmit all the necessary information for the technicians who will process the application. 
  • In addition, by submitting this application, the operator undertakes to have in place a food safety plan based on HAPPC within a maximum period of 3 months from the date of submission of the application. 
  • Once everything is submitted, if the activity to be carried out does not involve animal products, the activity can start straight away. If the activity includes animal products, the comercial activity have to wait for a prior inspection of the facilities by the foos safety authorities. APTHISA recommends that you take these deadlines into account so that you do not have to wait unnecessarily. 

What makes us different


At APTHISA we manage both the initial registration and any modification of the Food Sanitary Register (RGSEAA) in a comprehensive manner and we take care of all the paperwork for this, so that you don't have to worry about it.

Each establishment is different, which is why we process the RGSEAA in a completely personalised way. We are committed to helping you obtain it. 

We are backed by our experience in the processing of numerous RGSEAA for different activities. In addition, we do it in the quickest and most agile way possible to avoid lengthy processing times.

We also offer assistance to the food safety authorities controls that must be carried out derived from the RGSEAA application, in order to check that thefood safety plan of the establishment is correctly designed and implemented.