What is food label design?

Food safety regulations are getting stricter and stricter on food labelling. Labelling is vital as it is the first information the consumer has about the product and it is the manufacturer's way of communicating with the customer.


When consumers see a label, they decide whether or not to buy that product based on the information it provides. Among others: ingredients, allergens or allergen traces, country of origin, expiry date, preservation and preparation methods, nutrients provided... there are many data that a label requires and which are of vital importance. 


In addition, it is vital to avoid ambiguities or claims of product benefits that are prohibited. 

What makes us different

At APTHISA we help you with the design of your labelling to ensure that it complies with the regulations so that you do not have to modify the label at a later date due to errors in legal compliance.

We advise you not only on the General Food Labelling Regulation, but also on product-specific regulations so that you meet the required standards 100%.

You can ask us for more information without any obligation.