What is allergen management?

Regulation 1169/2011 requires that allergens are included in our HACCP plan and that information on allergens is available to the consumer, either on the labelling or in other formats. To this end, the allergens contained directly in the products and those that may be contained in the form of traces must be considered.


Allergen management should be an integrated part of food safety assurance and should consider the risk arising from allergenic foods, along with other food safety risks.

Allergen management includes everything from raw materials and supplies to the manufacturing process itself, whether in our own facilities or those of third parties.

At APTHISA we carry out integrated management of all allergens handled in the food company. We also help to define the most appropriate way to provide the necessary information to the consumer in order to avoid possible risks derived from the presence of allergens in food.

In addition, the regulations establish that handlers must have the necessary training for the correct management of allergens.

What are the steps for the implementation of allergen management?

  • For a comprehensive and correct allergen management, all the recipes of the dishes or technical data sheets of the processed products must be available.

  • Once this information is available, APTHISA analyses each of the ingredients and if any of the ingredients is not a raw material, the sub-ingredients of that product will be analysed. This may lead to the discovery of allergens that a priori were not present. 
  • Once all the dishes have been analysed, two documents will be provided to the client. On the one hand, the breakdown of each recipe or final product. On the other hand, a document with the allergens detailed visually in the form of icons.

What makes us different

If something differentiates us in the realisation of this service is that we analyse in detail each recipe or each final product. So allergen management is total and not automated. 

Furthermore, we take into account the possible cross-contamination that may occur in the establishment and also consider this in the documents drawn up for allergen management.

We can develop the allergen management from the beginning or update a menu that has an outdated allergen management. It is advisable to update the allergen management every time there is a change of menu, a change of raw material or a change of recipe. We can also manage allergens for daily menus. 

We offer a totally personalised service and we adapt to the needs of each client.