What is an equipment check??

Verifications or checks are objective measures of the degree of implementation of the food safety plan. The most demanded are the verification of measuring equipment (calibrations) and procedures (verification of vegetable disinfection, measurement of polar compounds in frying oil...).

The verification of measuring equipment consists of checking that the equipment in the establishment (refrigeration or freezing equipment, thermometers, spectrophotometers, scales, etc.) indicates the correct value and does not differ significantly from the real value.

What are the steps to be followed for its elaboration?

For this purpose, the auditor compares the measurement of the equipment with the measurement made by a calibrated and certified equipment. In this way, the establishment can rely on the equipment at its disposal and avoid having to have its equipment certified by external specialised centres, which would involve a high financial outlay.


Regarding the verification of procedures, the measurement of polar compounds is mandatory in industries where frying is carried out.

With regard to the verification of the vegetable disinfection process, it is essential to know that the disinfection of raw food to be consumed is being carried out with the concentration of disinfectant established by binding regulations and recommendations.

What makes us different


At APTHISA we carry out equipment verifications in a personalised manner, offering solutions in the event that a verification is incorrect and helping to keep track of it so that it can be easily corrected. 

After verification, we issue a report with the results of each equipment verified. This report may be requested by the health authorities in order to verify that the food safety plan implemented is being verified.

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