What are food safety audits?

Food safety audits are visits to the establishment, in which the personnel in charge of handling the products are continuously trained and the degree of implementation of food safety plan based on the HACCP is verified.

After the audit, the auditor explains to the person in charge the opportunities for improvement of the centre and a report is issued in which all the possible improvements seen during the audit are reflected as well as the score of the degree of implementation obtained.

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What are the steps involved in a food audit?

  • The audit can be carried out with or without prior notice. APTHISA recommends that clients carry out the audit unannounced, but we understand that this is not always possible.

  • Once in the establishment, the auditor(s) are dressed in specific clothing (gown and cap) to avoid contamination in the establishment.
  •  The audit is carried out to check the installations, the handling tasks and the documentation of the food safety plan implemented.
  • During the visit, the auditor discusses the deviations detected with the handlers and provides training to remedy the desviationes detected.
  • At the end of the audit a report is issued with a score. This means that you can see the evolution of the scores of the audits carried out previously. In addition, our report is detailed not only with text, but also with photos (unless the client does not want it) for a better understanding of the report by all staff. 

What can we audit?


We carry out food safety audits of any food establishment: restaurants, hotels, canteens, retailers, supermarkets, industries, warehouses, warehouses, distributors, processors, cafés or suppliers.

We can also carry out audits for other consultans that do not have sufficient staff or auditors at our location. In this case, we will carry out the audit in person on behalf of the company for which we are carrying out the audit and we adapt to the indicated guidelines (report preparation, time and punctuality requirements, methodology...).

What makes us different


If there is one thing that sets us apart as a consultancy, it is the constant updating of the food safety plans, not only in response to changes derived from the regulations, but also to changes in the methodology and procedures observed in these audits. These modifications are reflected free of charge in the food safety plans after the visits, without waiting for the annual update of food safety plan requested by the food safety authorities. 

In addition, our treatment is totally personalised and during the audits we communicate with all the staff involved, from the food handlers to the managers. So that all the people involved are aware of everything related to food safety in the establishment.

We propose improvements and solutions adapted to the possibilities of the establishment and staff capacities. So that these solutions are not impossible to achieve.  

In this way, our customers will always have their food safety systems up to date, alive and understandable.  

Don't wait for a food safety inspection to detect deviations with possible undesirable financial penalties.