Legionella control and Prevention Training


Obtain your training for the Control and Prevention of Legionella according to RD. 865/2003. Approved certificate valid for a period of 5 years.


Obtain your Homologated Certificate to carry out the maintenance of Legionella risk installations with APTHISA, one of the leading companies in its sector. APTHISA Approval Number: CLA 53/M.

Training in Legionella control is a mandatory requirement for all those responsible for the maintenance of Legionella risk installations (cooling towers, evaporative condensers, cold and hot water circuits, microclimates, spas, jacuzzis, water tanks and any other installation with water that can generate aerosols).

This course is only available in the classroom mode (25 hours).

Para el pago del curso, puedes abonar antes del comienzo del curso todo el importe o abonar una reserva previa (50€) y el resto del importe abonarlo el día del curso.

We will contact you within 24 working hours to verify your purchase.

For companies we can process the course subsidies through the available credit. If you are a company and the course is for a worker who is in the general social security scheme, please tick Yes in the Bonus for companies section so that we can process the bonuses for you. We will send you the documents we need you to fill in and send them back to us.

On successful completion of the course we will send you your Certificate either in paper format by post (to the postal address you provide) or in electronic format by email (to the email address you provide).

The validity period of this Certificate is 5 years.

In the case of classroom courses, if the course is finally cancelled or any aspect is changed (classroom, timetable, dates...) we will give the student the option of attending the new course, keeping the amount paid for the next course or refunding the full amount paid. If the student does not attend the course for unjustified reasons, APTHISA will keep the proportional part of the course reservation (50€) for material and administrative costs. You can find out more about our refund policy in the corresponding section.

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Pago ahora el importe íntegro del curso, Reservo plaza (resto del importe lo abono el día del curso)


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